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BlackMagic 6K + Tilta GX2

We were looking for the perfect compact gimbal rig for our BlackMagic 6K and we were not disappointed with the Tilta GX2. While it is a tight fit without counterweights, the rig performs exceptionally well and has two Rosettes that perfectly fit the Tilta Nucleus Handlebars which we us frequently.

Another thing I like about is the baseplate!

I love having the ability to keep the BM pre-balanced on the GX2, ready for action. Here you can see the rig upside down stored.

General Tip:

Having a 2nd camera as a dedicated Gimbal cam is invaluable on set! One of the reasons we love the Blackmagic so much is it's fairly easy to match the Blackmagic footage to our Red Scarlet-W in post due to the fact that it's raw and at a higher resolution. This means we can skip the build up and taredown for each Gimbal shot needed in your project and just keep the BM prebalanced on the Gimbal near by. This also allows us to try out tracking shot ideas on the fly without needing to budget for the time need to do them. You can literally just grab the standby BM on the Gimbal and shoot it. This right here is the single most important factor in our decision to buy the Blackmagic pocket.

Multicam Tips

  1. Use a ColorChecker to match your cameras in post! We like the Xrite Color Checker

  2. Use post syncing software like Pluraleyes to sync your footage in post

  3. Use Cloud storage to backup your current and archived projects

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